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Profile Horizon Line Horizon Line Building and Decorative Materials Specialize in distributing of quality Storage Spaces , Offices Furniture , School Furniture, plastic lockers and industrial locks. The people benefit from the invention of ABS plastic (ABS stand for Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene), that has more advantages such us rust-proof, light and colorful etc. Base on ECO-FRIENDLY theory, our idea for DIY lockers is absolutely a revolution in traditional locker business. It is human's nature that people are always novelty-seeking. That is very difficult for people to keep enthusiasm for a long time in one thing including lockers we used in our life. Now DIY lockers from HL lockers help you to change the same lockers in different form in daily…

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1. Scheme analysis: make sure whether plastic lockers are suitable for consumers or not according to their situations and demands. 2. Scheme design: offer types, configurations, colors and professional locks of lockers to them on the basis of their requi.



1. Consumers confirm an order and we arrange the production. 2. Modify some requirements for the order (before shipment). 3. Other services..



1. Good receiving assistance. 2. Installation explanation and assistance. 3. Accessories replacement and any other services. 4. Training for marketing promotion..



HL Lockers Company supplies plastic lockers for various applications..

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